MeridianLink, Inc.


Contact Info:
Contact: Pragni Sanghvi
Phone: 714-708-6950
Address: 1124 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, California 92626 United States

Company Profile

MeridianLink offers an online application that instantly generates pre-qualified loan decisions for consumer and commercial loans and generates new accounts for consumer and commercial deposit accounts. MeridianLink has integrated eSignLive e-signatures into its LoansPQ and Xpress Accounts platforms to offer more than 20,000 financial services customers a better customer experience. With the integration of eSignLive, online transactions can be completed straight through, which provides customers a seamless, convenient and easy signing process – in branch, online or via call centers and kiosks. This integration also enables MeridianLink’s customers to originate, approve, sign and fund all of their transactions from within MeridianLink’s workflow while eliminating paper, saving time and improving compliance.





Through a pre-integrated connector from MeridianLink, credit unions can access e-signature capability directly from the LoansPQ and XPress Accounts interface they already use every day. With a few clicks, document packages can be e-signed by members remotely or in-branch.

Learn how the modern credit union has combined web-based account opening and loan applications with secure e-signatures to keep processes online from beginning to end, across all service channels. Best practices for automating new account and loan applications and a live demo are included.







1124 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, California 92626 United States
Phone: 714-708-6950