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Contact Info:
Contact: David Ryska
Phone: +420 724 027 142
Address: Záhřebská 23
Prague, 12000 Czech Republic

Company Profile

In 1992 A && L soft, s.r.o. became the first company in the Czech Republic to install a specialised solution for Homebanking (Corporate Banking). Since then, we have implemented a range of other projects in the field of electronic banking and in other areas. We collaborate with both large and smaller companies. We are prepared to deliver to our customers the solutions which they truly expect to receive. We have gained valuable experience which we make available to all of our customers, both current and future. The effectiveness of our approach is evidenced by our references. In order to ensure the high quality of our products and services, we maintain a stable team of experienced professionals who are prepared to assist customers not only in the area of development (programming), but also in the areas of analysing requirements, project coordination and consulting. In addition to our proprietary software technologies, we successfully build solutions based on technologies developed by Microsoft, which has awarded us certification within its partner program.






Záhřebská 23
Prague, 12000 Czech Republic
Phone: +420 724 027 142